Kinross Collection

  Kinross styles are a luxury addition to our much sought-after Fairisle collection. 

Inspired by the natural beauty of our Scottish landscape and traditional patterns from Shetland and Fair Isle, Kinross garments are made with a premium ultra-soft super fine merino lambswool that feels like cashmere - it is so soft and lightweight, it’s like a soft caress! 

Made with a Scottish spun fully traceable and guaranteed non-mulesed RWS Certified* yarn, Kinross styles combine traditional techniques with signature ERIBÉ colouring to create contemporary statement pieces that really stands out from the crowd. 

The RWS trademark recognises the best and most reliable farmers. They make sure that the welfare of the land and the animals are ethically looked after and visit each year to support farmers. This certificate can only be used on virgin wool. 

By investing in RWS certified wool you show your customers that you care about fair trade, sustainability, and the wellbeing of sheep and land across the world.

Kinross Styles

Kinross Sweater

Kinross Cardigan

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Kinross High Neck Sweater​

Kinross Hooded Sweater